Real-life Adsense expert finally gets fed-up with all the wannabes and decides to hit back! Finally, someone is willing to tell the truth and and show you exactly how to make a total killing with Adsense!

"If You're Fed-up, Sick and Tired and Just Plain Pissed With All the Over-Promise and Under-Deliver Wannabe Gurus and Hacks - Their eBooks, Tutorials, Courses and Worthless Software - Then Brace Yourself..."

"I am Going to Come Clean and Teach You How You Can Stop Information Overload, Overcome Paralysis of Analysis and Discover How to Make a Real Living Online!"


If you knew how to make a guaranteed living with adsense - knew exactly what to do and precisely how to do it - could you stand by and watch while others blatantly lie, cheat and steal? Just to grab some fast cash, feed their over-sized, hyper-inflated egos and proclaim themselves gurus?



That’s right – I gotta confess... You see, I was one of those guys sitting on the sidelines. I used to sit and watch as hopeful, enthusiastic and hard-working people - people just like you - got fleeced.

How do I know? ’Cause I bought all that stuff... I bought the eBooks, signed up for the courses and watched the tutorials that the hacks and wannabes were flogging. I considered it part of my education - A necessary evil if you will …

And evil it was. At best it was re-hashed forum-fodder. At worst it was just plain wrong.

It got to the point where I just can’t take it anymore. I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch all these hacks, charlatans and just plain old thieves steal your money.

So … I’m going to show you EXACTLY what you need to do TODAY to start making REAL money…

Must know facts BEFORE you go any further …

Anyone can use this system to:

  • Uncover the markets that are money-makers and those that are a total waste of time …
  • Pick the highest-paying, most sought-after and least competitive keywords and keyphrases in any market …
  • Simply and easily create real content on any topic they wish. That's real as in unique, non-duplicate, search-engine friendly content that real web-surfers love …
  • Drive targeted, motivated traffic to any site they wish, have that traffic ‘stick’ to that site and return again and again …
  • Get high rankings in all the major search engines without resorting to ‘black-hat’ SEO …
  • Properly test, track and tweak your pages to squeeze every possible penny out of every possible visitor …
  • Leverage Web 2.0 properties for maximum exposure and insane traffic …
  • Monetize every possible aspect of your pages, maximize visitor value and blow ROI through the roof …
  • Create lasting, sustainable REAL businesses that run on autopilot INDEFINETLY …
  • Most importantly and above all – Google, Yahoo, MSN and every other search engine out there will LOVE you for using this system!

Need to know facts BEFORE you waste your time – and mine …

This system has nothing to do with:

  • Creating site after site in a vain and futile attempt to stay one step ahead of the search engines …
  • Creating tons of crappy content that Google and every other search engine hates …
  • Adding, doing or even thinking of doing anything that will jeopardize your Adsense account …
  • Pushing Google’s, Yahoo’s, MSN’s or any other contextual Ad publishers’ Terms of Service (TOS) to the limit …
  • Turning you into a software programming, HTML coding, IT techie geek that needs to spend 12 hours a day sitting in front of a computer trying to run a business …




Dear Friend,

I hope you hate getting ripped-off as much as I do – because if you do, you’re in luck. More to the point – consider this the first day of you’re REAL Internet Marketing education …

I remember the first day of my real Internet Marketing education. It was 2002 and Google had just launched Adwords

But my career on the Internet began long before that. You see, I was one of those guys that used the Internet as it was originally designed! For academic and research purposes. Way back in the late-eighties we used to the 'net to communicate with our friends and co-workers.

I watched as the Internet grew from novelty to necessity. And it became clear to me that the Internet was going revolutionize everything we did – Just as it had revolutionized higher-education. Exactly when that was going to happen, however, I had no clue whatsoever …

But I was patient - And as I built my offline businesses, I waited …

When Bill Gates unleashed his "tidal-wave" emails in the mid-nineties and announced to the world that Microsoft was going to focus it’s products on the Internet, I waited …

My business partners and customers laughed at me while I watched as Google grew from academic novelty to Internet giant. But I knew the time wasn’t right – So, I waited…

And then, suddenly, all hell broke loose!



When Google launched Adwords in 2002, my wait was over. I KNEW that something like Adsense was only a matter of time. I arranged to sell my businesses and part ways with anyone who didn’t share my vision.

From that point on, I started to study, read and dissect everything by anyone about making money online. If I could get my grubby-little hands on it - I learned it inside-out, top-to-bottom!

And when Adsense launched in 2003 … I was ready, willing and able to capitalize on the biggest money give-away of all time!

Since 2003, I’ve been quietly making a killing with Adsense. And lucky for you, I’ve continued to pour over everything that gets written, posted or sold about making money online.

OK. So I spent a fortune on ebooks, courses, tutorials and software - Who cares? Do YOU? Well, you should care and here’s why …



Virtually everything out there is NOT designed to HELP you, but to SELL you. Sorry friends, but that’s why they call it Internet Marketing …

Look, l’m not some well-known Internet guru - I’m not some wannabe craving for attention. To be honest - I like being in the background. I’m one of those guys you see in the back of the seminar room that never looks up or says a thing. I’m one of those guys that "lurks" in forums and on bulletin boards - that reads your blog but never comments.

But make no mistake - That doesn’t make me stupid, incompetent or anything in between. Here's what Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of these United States had to say about that:

" 'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

Honest Abe was right - and hundreds of the current crop of Internet Marketing gurus would be wise to stand up and take note!

Make no mistake, these guys are good at selling stuff. They sell it by the millions! The tools and technology they use are top notch. And when it comes to selling, these marketers are razor-sharp – But there’s a vast difference between SELLING and HELPING.



The basic rule of thumb in Interent Marketing is that “crap sells”. Sorry folks, but virtually everything you can read, buy, download or watch on Internet Marketing meets - and then just barely - this lowest possible standard …

How do I know this? How can I make such a sweeping condemnation of all those self-proclaimed experts, gurus and geniuses who have broken the code? Discovered the secret sauce? Unearthed the holy grail?

Because I paid $10,000 – yup, that's right 10 G’s – last year to attend a seminar where one of the biggest names in Internet Marketing tried his hardest to drill that “crap sells” into our heads.

Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed –And YOU shouldn’t be either!

In fact, the vast majority of stuff is not produced by the genius in question - s/he PAID someone to do it. They’re far too important to do such lowly work! They couldn’t possibly make the time in their busy schedules for such an undertaking!

I mean, what’s up with that! GIMME A BREAK ALREADY! Last time I checked, they kicked you out of school for hiring someone else to write your essay!



You are NOT a real customer – You are just some NUMBER on a massive list. And because you’re not a customer … Don’t expect to be treated like one!

This, of all the things, really gets me going. Is my money, time or attention worth so little? Am I REALLY such a nuisance?

Is my only purpose in life to read canned emails from some autoresponder so that I can be “sold” more stuff? Stuff that was likely not created, not used and very probably not even read, tried or examined by the genius marketing guru of the month?



Good question … “About time!” I’ll bet you’re saying to yourself. Well guess what? Today really is your lucky day! Here’s why …

My business partners and friends have been listening to me complain about this stuff for years. And then one day, they just got fed-up with all my moaing and complaining.

They challenged me to make a difference.
To right the wrongs – To take a stand.
"If you know so much," they said, "then do it right and stop your bitching!"

And that's EXACTLY what I did!




The Adsense Battleplan is a full-blown, A-Z, multi-media course that covers every single thing you need to know and do in order to build a long-term STABLE residual income.


I cover EVERY DETAIL – both big and small – you need to know to build a hugely successful Adsense empire including:

  • The single most important activity that EVERY Adsense publisher must focus on to be successful …
  • Learn how to quickly find, research and monetize any market …
  • Discover how to play with the “Big Boys” so that your sites display the HIGHEST paying ads possible …
  • How to manage your time, energy and resources so that you are CONTSTANTLY improving your bottom line …
  • Discover how to get inside your visitor’s HEAD so that can’t help but click on your ads …
  • Get the FREE tools, systems and processes you need to uncover more keywords and phrases than you could ever use in a lifetime …
  • Learn how to create sites PROPERLY so that you never have to worry about getting slammed, slapped, bombed or otherwise hammered by Google …
  • Where to get more CONTENT than you can shake a stick at and how turn that into UNIQUE, NON-DUPLICATE content that the search engines can’t keep their hands off …
  • Uncover the monster traffic strategies that consistently deliver daily 4-FIGURE Adsense earnings – Be warned: you’re web server better be able to handle the flood of traffic … If it can’t, you can kiss these monster profits goodbye as your webserver melts down …
  • Testing, tracking and tweaking your pages and sites so that your business churns out CONSISTENT profits day-after-day, year-after-year …
  • When, where and what to OUTSOURCE so that you’re never bored, fed-up or bogged-down in your business!


I developed the The Battlplan from scratch so that anyone – regardless of experience, knowledge, expertise or financial status – would have a fighting chance. IN OTHER WORDS – To level the playing field!



Make no mistake, the Battleplan was a GIGANTIC undertaking: …

This isn’t some skimpy ebook! The Adsense Battleplan contains:

  • 1.8 GB (yup, that's GIGABYTES) of video …
  • 15 multi-media tutorials on everything from market research to SEO …
  • Workbooks and study guides …
  • Online resource guides …
  • The audio of the entire course so that you can listen to it anywhere …
  • Custom tools to help automate everything from keyword research to content creation …
  • Personal coaching and help …

Did I just say PERSONAL coaching and help!

You bet your behind I did:

  • The Adsense Battleplan comes complete with a free membership to ADSENSE HQ
  • Once you’ve got access to Adsense HQ, you’ve got access to your’s truly. I’ll answer your questions, help solve your problems and look over your shoulder if need be …
  • Adsense HQ includes FAR MORE content than I could get into the Battleplan itself. That means in-depth tutorials covering all the traffic and promotion strategies – All the tools and resources and much, much more …
  • HQ includes teleseminars, webinars, my reviews of the lastest software and courses. AND I’ll cover integration strategies that can help you leverage these tools to the max …
  • Most importantly, you get FREE access to the custom tools we I use to automate my own business and keep it running on autopilot …


I’ve broken down the entire course into easily understood and implemented modules. There is simply no way to digest and understand this baby in one sitting!

Once you’re registered for the Battleplan, you’ll get one module emailed to you each and every day, Monday to Friday, until you finish the entire course! At the end of 21 days, you’ll have everything you need to mine the real gold in Adsense.

PLUS– So that everybody gets maximum benefit from EVERYTHING I cover, each and every modulue contains my own specific hints, tips, tricks and motivational help that’s updatd in real time. Consider it a daily ‘brain-dump’ from your’s truly specific to that module.

Getting the Adsense Battleplan over the course of three weeks means that you can take the time to REALLY understand each and every piece of the Adsense puzzle. Putting the puzzle together properly is then a piece of cake. AND you want to know the best part?

The puzzle goes together the same way every time. You can Repeat the same steps Over and Over Again as often as you like. You’ll get the same results EVERY TIME!

I Absolutely, Positively GUARANTEE IT!



I haven't spared anything or anybody! Some of the things I reveal in the Battleplan are not going to sit well with some of the Internet marketing "gurus" trying to flood your inbox with spam barely disguised as content.

In fact, I know that I’m going to be dropping my size 13's squarely on some of those guy's toes!

Here are just some Adsense myths specifically DEBUNKED in the Adsense Battleplan.

I hope you’re sitting down – some of this is going to come as a MAJOR shock:

  • Everybody preaching that ‘Content is King’ is TOTALLY out to lunch! Covered in Day 3 …
  • Anybody telling you that ‘If you can build 1 site that makes $1, then just keep building sites. Pretty soon you’lle be making 100’s if not 1000’s per day!’ has NO CLUE whatsoever! Covered in Day 5 …
  • There’s some SECRET CODE, SAUCE or FORMULA that you don’t know. If you hear this, grab hold of your wallet and head for the hills! Covered in Day 8 …
  • The best market to be in is one that you're PASSIONATE about. My personal favorite! Covered in Day 9 …
  • Someone genius has OUTSMARTED. Google and they’ about to let you in on it for ‘next to nothing’. Really, ya think? Covered in Day 2 …
  • A/B split-testing is the BEST and FASTEST way to optimize for maximum profit. Sorry, another pile of you-know-what! Covered in Day 18 …
  • Big money markets are HYPER-COMPETITIVE … There’s only room for the big boys. Start-ups and little guys need not apply. Wrong again! Covered in Day 14 …



I thought you’ld never ask! Check out the following screenshots…


Once you’re registered for the Battleplan, you’ll get one module emailed to you each and every day, Monday to Friday, until you finish the entire course! At the end of 21 days, you’ll have everything you need to mine the real gold in Adsense.


Once you’re registered for the Battleplan, you’ll get one module emailed to you each and every day, Monday to Friday, until you finish the entire course! At the end of 21 days, you’ll have everything you need to mine the real gold in Adsense.


Once you’re registered for the Battleplan, you’ll get one module emailed to you each and every day, Monday to Friday, until you finish the entire course! At the end of 21 days, you’ll have everything you need to mine the real gold in Adsense.




Of course you’ve got questions! I mean, who wouldn’t? You MUST to be skeptical – You NEED to be careful! It’s only common-sense in this day and age. Let me go ahead and give you the answers to the Top 7 FAQ’s I get from people just like you …

Answer:  How quickly you start making money will depends primarily on 2 things – 1) How quickly you get a site up and 2) How quickly you get set up with an Adsense account. If you already have a site or already have an Adsense account, you can use the strategies and techniques in the Battleplan and in HQ to make dramatic improvements to your bottom-line immediately.

Google pays Adsense earners every 30 days at the beginning of each month, so if you’re starting out from scratch you won’t see your first Adsense check until the beginning of the following month. Sticking to the strategies and techniques laid out in the Battleplan will help ensure you get paid ASAP.


Answer:  Adsense is going to be around for a very, very long time to come. Do you think Google wants to flush a multi-billion dollar cash-cow down the drain? I think not!

With regards to how much money you can make … the sky’s the limit. The top Adsense earners are closing in on a million dollars a month! Granted, that kind of Adsense income is extremely rare but – making 4 or 5 figures a month isn’t

Let me put it to you this way: There is simply no easier way to give yourself a pay raise.


Answer: You can start as small as you want! You don’t need to pay for website design, development or hosting. Signing up with Google is free. You can promote your sites for free. You can get tons of free search engine traffic. So, clearly, starting small is not a problem.

Now, please understand that you can kick-start your Adsense empire if you do have some something to invest. For example, you can do your keyword research for free. You can get good results going that route. Understand, however, that the free services are limited and the best results are not achieved using those tools.

That said, you can always step-up after you’ve starting to make some bank!


Answer: Good question! Single clicks can be outrageously priced! Here are some of the top-paying keywords:

$40.36 Benchmark Lending
$38.05 Domain Yahoo
$37.86 Yahoo Web Hosting
$37.29 Hair Laser Removal Virginia
$36.59 Peritoneal Mesothelioma
$36.55 CA Lemon Law
$34.13 Best Buy Gift Card
$31.10 Adverse Credit Remortgage
$30.98 Mesothelioma Information
$29.77 Ohio Lemon Law
$29.34 Att Call Conference
$29.10 Insurance Medical Temporary
$28.95 Illinois Law Lemon
$28.78 Mesothelioma Symptoms
$28.51 Los Angeles Drug Rehab
$28.26 Personal Injury Solicitor
$28.23 ATT Go
$28.03 Accident Car Florida Lawyer
$27.11 Google Affiliate
$27.11 AT T Wireless
$26.31 100 Home Equity Loan
$26.28 MCSA Boot Camp
$26.19 Anti Spam Appliance
$26.17 Adverse Remortgage
$26.00 Chicago Hair Laser Removal
$25.98 ATT Conference
$25.84 AT and T
$25.45 Laser Hair Removal Maryland
$25.15 Mesothelioma
$24.88 Buy Gift Card
$24.80 Mesotheloma
$24.45 California Lemon Law
$24.30 Event Management Security
$24.15 Canada Personals Yahoo
$24.15 Orlando Criminal Attorney
$23.78 UK Homeowner Loans
$23.71 Vioxx Lawsuit

As you can see, some of these clicks are insane! To be honest, I didn’t have the courage to show the highest paying ones! They’re so expensive I didn’t think anybody would believe me :)


Answer:  Technical expertise is not required. If you’re reading this, then you’ve got the computer skills you need to run an Adsense business.

Now, I can’t sit here and tell you that technical computer skills aren’t a big help … they’re just not absolutely necessary. If you’re thinking that the technical stuff is going to be a problem, relax! You’ll do just fine with copy-and-paste! And remember, help is available in HQ 24/7!

Last but not least, you can always ask me for help! Perhaps you missed the part about me looking over your shoulder if need be? If you did, I’m saying it again: You need help - I’ll help! What could be easier than that?


Answer:  Google’s TOS explicitly state that you cannot display another publisher’s ads. So, having Yahoo Publisher Network ads AND Adsense on the same page is a definite no-no. Same with MSN ads and Adsense.

Other types of monetization are, however, certainly allowed. So Amazon ads, affiliate links, and banner ads are all allowed. In fact, the Battleplan contains in-depth tutorials on how to fully monetize your pages for maximum revenues.



Answer:  Absolutley not. Anybody telling you that is flat-out wrong! In fact, Google WANTS you to optimize your pages. Why? It’s common sense - Google’s customers (that would be Adword’s advertisers) are constantly seeking traffic. If your pages bring those advertisers quality, targeted traffic, that makes them happy. When they’re happy, they spend more on Adwords. And that – in turn – makes Google happy! Everybody wins …

On the other hand, lousy pages that are poorly optimized don’t bring Adwords advertisers quality traffic. Without quality traffic, those advertisers stop spending on Adwords. Everybody loses …

Make no mistake! Some of the crap that’s out there CAN get you in serious hot-water with Google! But not my stuff! There’s nothing in the Battleplan but love for Google!




Let me be brutally frank right here, right now. The Adsense Battleplan is not for everyone. Heck, it may not be right for you …

If you’re looking for some way to make a quick killing, then I cordially invite you to move along. Actually, I take that back. I don’t what you PERIOD. Waste someone else’s time. Not mine.

I developed the Battleplan to give *ordinary people* access to the same information, processes, systems and tools that REAL Adsense businesses are built on.

And I did it to provide YOU with a no-hype, no-fluff, no-crap alternative to virtually everything else that the "gurus" are flogging. If this is something that even remotely appeals to you, let’s get on with it … In other words – If you’re willing, them I’m able!

I know the value of what I’ve created. I know what it’s done for me. And I’ve seen what it can do for the very select few that I’ve let in on it.

Look, I know $97 bucks gets you. I know what’s in the average ebook these days. And I’ve seen all the poor quality video tutorials and demos I can stomach. I can assure you, the Battleplan isn’t is as far removed from that stuff as can possibly be!

I was told by customers, colleagues and business partners that I should sell the Battleplan itself (never mind the bonuses, the membership to HQ and all the rest of it) for a small fortune. I was even offered a rather embarrassingly large sum for the rights by another marketer. But I wanted to make sure everybody and anybody could afford it …

So here's the deal – and I think you're going to like it. You get …

  •  The Adsense Battleplan 21 Day Course.
    The Complete Multi-Media 21 Day Course.
  •  The Battleplan Workbooks and Study Guides.
    Get the most out of the course by using the workbooks to help you get up and running right from the start.
  •  The Battleplan Online Resource Guides.
    Keep a permanent record of every online tool, resource and website referenced in the Battleplan.
  •  The Complete Battleplan Audio.
    Listen to all the Battleplan audio whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Simply copy to a disc, iPod or MP3 player.
  •  Battleplan Custom Automation Tools.
    Get FREE access to my personal library of killer softare that allows me to automate everything from keyword reserach to content creation.
  •  FREE Membership to Adsense HQ. Once you’ve got access to Adsense HQ, you’ve got access to your’s truly. I’ll answer your questions, help solve your problems and look over your shoulder if need be …
  •  Adsense HQ Advanced Strategies. In-depth tutorials covering Battleplan traffic and promotion strategies, tools, resources and much, much more …
  •  Member’s Only Reviews and Live Content.
    Teleseminars, webinars and downloadable audio covering the latest Google moves and Adsense strategies PLUS reviews of software, courses and ebooks developed for Adsense Publishers.

All for absolutely ZERO risk! Here's my
Unconditional ...
100% ...
No Questions Asked ...
Money-Back Guarantee.

Take a FULL 8 WEEKS to test-drive The Adsense Battleplan completely RISK-FREE. If you’re not TOTALLY 100% SATISFIED with your purchase for any reason whatsoever during that time, simply email me and get your money-back. No questions asked. No hassles. No problem. I’m so confident that you’ll love the Battleplan, I’ll assume all the risk! How’s that for fair?

Get it all for only $97

Your order is processed securely using
128-bit military grade encryption




I'm gonna throw in the following just in case you're sitting on the fence …

Email Promos Exposed.
These amazing videos reveal a proven process for creating killer emails, newsletters and autoresponders.
Retail Value – $97

Web 2.0 Revealed.
Leverage the power of Web 2.0 and learn to capitalize on the huge change that is sweeping across the Internet.
Retail Value – $67

YouTube Traffic.
How to generate highly-targeted, motivated traffic using the Web 2.0 monster
Retail Value – $37

MySpace Marketing.
Learn to leverage MySpace and get one of the largest social networking sites on the net working for you.
Retail Value – $47

Building Credibilty for Online Infopreneurs.
An essential guide for anyone monetizing niche markets. Build expert credibility online starting from scratch.
Retail Value – $47

Ghostwriters From The Inside Out.
Quickly and easily hire someone else to bust out articles and information products for you. They do the work – you keep the money!
Retail Value – $67

Underground Outsourcing Strategies.
How to leverage other people’s skills to build your own business, increase your bottom line and set yourself free
Retail Value – $47


Total Retail Value – $509
Your Cost - Nada Zip Zilch!


50 $275 Fast Mover Bonuses!
Only 50 47 Remaining …

The first 50 people who buy are going to get 1 full hour of personal coaching from me. We can cover anything you want help with. Now you might not value the bonuses I've already tossed in, but my time is valuable. My personal mentoring fees are $275 per hour! If you’re one of the first 50, consider this $275 gift as a special thank-you!

Total Bonuses – $784

AND Finally …
Last But Not Least …

I understand that $97 is not bus-fare.
And that $97 is a significant investment for anyone. So, to help ease the pain, you can make three easy payments of $33. Same bonuses, same guarantee, same everything. Just three easy payments …

Click below to make 3 easy payments of $33.

Your order is processed securely using
128-bit military grade encryption


Thanks for your time and I wish you only the best in all your adventures …

PS: Remember, the risk is all mine … You've got a full 8 weeks to look over everything. If you’re not totally blown away, you’re covered by my iron-clad 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee

PPS: I urge you to take action and order quickly. Those 50 coaching/mentoring sessiosn with me are going to go fast! I normally charge $550 per hour for any personal consultation. You can be one of the lucky few and get in on it for FREE!

PPPS: Sign up below for the Adsense Excellence Newsletter and mini-course. You’ll get a look under-the-hood at the tips, tricks, strategies and tactics I use to make a living off of Adsense! For a limited time, I’m giving away subscriptions … But I won’t be able to keep it free forever! Sign-up today and NEVER pay no matter what!

YES! Sign me up so I can claim my copies of the FREE Adsense Excellence Newsletter and mini-course.

  • I understand that I’ll receive INSTANT access to the same strategies and tactics that you and other Adsense experts use to generate consistent, reliable profits.
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